Pushing away

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I have no idea what causes this glitch

all i know is that if two players do a specific move at the same time to each other,

they get pushed away for each other.

This has happened many times to me when fighting a player.

And it is obnoxious because when you get pushed away, it messes you up.

This pushing away glitch has happened to me mostly when someone is kicking.

That's the clash mechanic. When 2 of the same moves hit each other. It's to stop spanners from doing the same thing against other spammers.


Idk why clash sound and animation was removed... But i liked it. It was looking like Real clash.

I think its has something to do with he fixed kick animation. It sometimes happens when i roll into a kick...

Spag you have to stop! Don't go bumping every single one of my topics! If you're gonna do that, do it for everyone else!

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i already did :) (seva is my everything)