Wand needs an upgrade. Here's why.

Etheric Form 6 years ago updated by Knight of Rage 6 years ago 11

Wand has many more burdens than advantages. Here's a list of the many factors that hold it back.

  1. Wand cannot hit anything. It's slow fire rate makes it so that people can dodge between projectiles. The slow fire rate also exasperates when people run from your projectiles. It's so easy to that I believe that it is one of the main reason why wand is so bad. 
  2. Wand uses so much stamina that it makes it impossible to effectively defend yourself. Add that to the fact that it's hard to land direct hits and you are left with a weapon that has more burdens than advantages.
  3. It's special is mediocre and flawed. One complaint though is that you can dash while frozen, making it harder to land hits. And with the slow fire rate, you can't land enough hits to kill someone who is experienced.

Here are some methods to buffing wand:

  1. Increasing fire rate while lowering the stamina consumption.
  2. Increasing damage output  (I highly doubt that this would work)
  3. Implementing a mana bar specifically for wands. Mana is the stuff that mages use when using magic. Attacks will deplete the mana bar instead of the stamina bar. However, if you use stamina while simultaneously using mana, you will deplete both your stamina AND your mana bar more quickly than if you used your mana bar only. To make sure that the wand isn't too powerful, your mana bar will regenerate at a decent speed when you are not using stamina. The same goes for the opposite (as in your stamina regenerating when you are not using mana)

Leave a comment if you agree or disagree. If you disagree, state why. If you agree, try to come up with other methods of upgrading the wand.

alright. I agree that the dash is OP, as it is also an available move when dazed. I would go for fire speed and less stamina use as well.

yeah the mage class is bearly used by anyone

we should work more on evening out the classes

well, every weapon pretty much needs a buff but sword for arena mode at least.  i do not agree wit h turning wand into a nother version of bow though

if all weapons need buff, this mean no one weapon need buff. Everyone weapon have good and bad sides. Buffing it, you only make all weapons too strong, and fights will end in 10 sec. At this moment only bow need nerf and there will be almost perfect balance between weapons.

I almost kind of agree with your idea of lowering stamina consumption.

The only thing is, wand isn't that bad. If you see a player named "Lysiane" in VGL in the discord or in the game, ask her how she uses wand. I hear she is very good with it. I may not have this right, but a wand is very good at one thing - small, chip damage. Yes the bullets are slow and weak. This means that if you don't just spam and stand still, you can efficiently use them to damage the opponent while not fearing them being kicked back.

Small chip damage, as you said, needs to be accompanied by good mobility or its no use as every time you try and "chip" damage from a range you are restricted to staying at that spot, moving relatively slowly because of stamina depletion. If you want a good ranged user, dont do to lsyain, go to a good bow user instead and give him a wand. Bow keeps mobility and does amazingly good damage in the short range, and if you need to recharge stamina jump away and send a volley towards the enemy. bow>wand in ALL cases

Wand doesn't have any real advantages to boast about. Every other weapon is better than wand in my opinion. I would even take spear over wand.

1. You wut mate?! Too low fire rate ? ok maybe if without any clones but get yourself one clone and it's a lot harder to beat.

2. Then stop spamming your bullets and sometimes go melee, like drop the wand and hit opponent with it.

3. That's one down side of dash. I don't think it's so easy from programming side to just disable dash while being frozen. Why? Because it teleports player and if even it was simple then this move would be very abused.

About buffs:

1. Maybe don't lower stamina consumption. As i said just stop wasting it and think about your moves.

2. Slightly

3. It makes sense but just think about other classes. To balance the game everybody would need a skill bar (i think that is the name). Also remember that this is a online game working in webbrowser so you cannot throw many things at it. Well of course it's just a bar but also think about other things.


Please, use wand in arena. You will know then. Also, throwing your weapon isn't the best strategy. It leaves you almost out of options but one, which is to run. Also, I am pretty sure that you can program the the freeze so that it takes away all your moves temporarily. How hard is that?

If hit by wand [special] remove *player* {controls} for x seconds.

With wand you can make highest possible  dmg using special. You must freeze enemy, release one projectile and throw weapon. It’s 4 dmg (half of health). Everything what do you need is practice. Wand in right hands is really good weapon. Training and some practice is everything what do you need.

Bump. Wand definitely needs to be buffed.