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No use in even trying , rez already abonded the game , he just added some adds to the game to make some cash while he is making new games..

I played this game for over a year....AND I LOVED IT...

but buggs just came coming , and coming , rez didn't do shit

No use in trying.

My Regard to once Great Game!


(I'm sorry if a offended someone but, this is the truth)

Oh and to my in game peeps! Cya in the next fun game! (Not made by rez tho)



Under review

It has 150.000 players a month :D
I am just working on wanderers.io now - there will be updates in wilds tho.

You're just exaggerating. I just logged on after a period of inactivity and found that the North American servers had 43 players. That was higher than the numbers in the past. The game is not dead. You just changed. That's it. 

i didnt change shit...i didnt say there arent any more players , there are...and yes he got married i respect that...but do you really expect anything anymore? half of the bugs from pre-alpha are still in.. many unbalanced weapons,and out of nowhere he makes another game , and to top it all off...he puts adds on the game

just dont..

Look, man, we don't need you or your attitude here. Yes, rez is working on his other game. Yes, he hasn't been updating wilds. But there's this thing called patience that we've got. He's working hard on wanderers, but he hasn't forgotten about us. I doubt that having random kids whining "ehhhh, he's never coming back, whaaaahhh", makes him want to come back and update wilds. The game is thriving, there actually aren't as many bugs as you're complaining about, and if you had patience to wait 10 seconds, the video ads wouldn't be an issue.

i don't have patience? it's been 2 months and still nothing has changed..nothing. the first year the game went out i loved it..it was updated regularly but now...no updates , too many bugs..and you can't blame patience because rez didnt touch the game even after almost a whole year.

i still have a little hope..i hop on here and there to see if the game changed somewhat...but it never does.

Don't what?

You left me hanging.


One second.

Who are you? Just wanted to get clear that your goodbye means nothing to me. Neither does your sorry.

Two seconds.

You're Rezoner, the creator of Wilds.io, the game you're most proud of. There's a crappy community, but you still make the game thrive.

Then your wife has a baby.

What would you do? Continue making updates non-stop, or take a few months off to tend to your wife? What, do you think Rez devotes his life to Wilds.io? Do you? He has other work, and have you even tried to code? It's incredibly hard, depending on the script. The reason Rez made this forum is to create a democracy. (Sorry to all the Non_Americans XD) We're Congress, always arguing, but sending ideas to the president, Rezoner. Our ideas sometimes suck. He made this forum, also to help his ideas. And he's implemented time and time again. People leaving are impatient. Rez is going through some hard times right now, okay? He needs help from us, not discouragement. "Now that Rez isn't doing anything, I'm going to leave...This game sucks...No updates? Rez must be lazy."

At least, I'm pretty sure he's having a baby or something along those lines. Rez is also an adult, not a kid. That provides a whole lotta work.

Jesus, I don't know why I got so angry! Eh...I shared my thoughts, hope I'm right enough =D.

Too true, too true.


Thanks for the post, goodbye, good riddance.

The game is not dead. It's a little slow right now, especially the forum, but in no way is dead. Just look at mrrps post.

if you have not noticed, many people have already made posts like this, so doing more of them will not help save the game



you are 100% right mrp

but a little "extra". If you stop playing because there are no more updates, you are not in this game for what it is but for what you expect it to be. Think about it...

It seems that many of the players think the game is really dead; No upcoming updates yet, Veterans leaving, most tribes are inactive, no new features....

Well, the game isn't dead YET, Rezoner has his hands full of other work to do...so...

Under review

It has 150.000 players a month :D
I am just working on wanderers.io now - there will be updates in wilds tho.

Ehm, he offended you in a lot of ways... Aren't you a little mad?

...I guess that's why you're the leader ._.


wait wait wait




here is the newest sheppy

the game is not dead, just sick. The cure is updates, but Rezoner is not worrying about the cure I think.
If the game was dead he would have almost no player.

There will come a day that Rezoner will bring a cure (update) for our wilds.io.

Shadow, that's an emotional and great quote. <3 Shadow...


Oh wait sorry it was Dragolich.

*turns eyes*

You're good mate

? it wasn't dragolich. i was watching. this post was already at the top when he said he agree'd with YOUR comment. why the harsh turning eyes? poor dragotha...

Oy, I said nothing harsh.

I don’t really care if someone replies to my comment, just acknowledges it. I mean, it’s all right, I wasn’t being...