Replace Map in Arena/Browars

Cyrillus, Mrrppp, Corn Maker.. 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 14

There's a map, in arena/browars. It had the void in the middle, and two patches of land on either side, with a bridge connecting these patches of land. I want to get rid of it.

Why I wanna get rid of it

1) In the map, there are arses that like to run around. It's a huge map. When someone is at low health, they swoop to the left patch of land. I try to chase 'em. Then they... 


I go over there. They go to the left side. If you jump with them, they turn around and kick you, or if they have sword, use sword special. It's impossible to get them unless a) You're Legolas with your weapon throwing skills, and catch them in midair, or b) You have a bow, and shoot 'em up, which brings me to my next reason.

2) If you have a bow in the map, and it's browars (Maybe even arena) you can stand back and shoot everyone. (I mean mage as well). Again, if you try to get them, they run away.


There should be a bridge map. A long narrow strip of land, next to the void. Barely any room on the width. Running- You can't. You can jump to the edge, but eventually your opponent will get you. Of course, the community will figure out a way to run, but mainly it's hard. Bows- Sit back and shoot? The bridge doesn't have to be that long, and now the Egg has kick fixed, bows will get arrows in their face.

This change has been proposed many times but has not yet seen any action. Keep praying.

And has that been implemented?


Full support.

That map, it more stinky than when you game crash and you have 169 bones

There's just too much opportunity for runners there.

And then if they have a bow and they're semi decent and just run, give up.

I honestly have more problems with the map with the two sandworms on each side. Whenever someone has low health, they just sneak around the sandworm and run from whoever they're fighting.

It sucks if they're a bow, I agree

You just gotta let them sit there if they have melee, or bow or wand kick it back.

OMG model zx did this to me yesterday. I wouldn't say no to new map, but the one you're suggesting might not be that good. If you remember the square with the void around the edges, you'll know it will be a map on which sword specials will be OP.

I've thought about that...

It could be a rare map, I guess...I need to think though

Mm, (Bump)

I know, we'll have an island map. A little space between patches of land

Nope, too much opportuiny for bows, sorry

I agree. This map should be edited.