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The crown doesn't appear in the game when you are the king (or queen)

savage doge 2 years ago • updated by I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 2 years ago 12

Hello everyone, i had just noticed that when someone was first, they did not have the crown on their head, i don't know why but i believe it's a bug, maybe you could fix it?




As you see, i have put a male and a female and they have no crown, it has got to be a bug or something like that.

This is a short topic so that you don't have to read this 24/7 :D

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please fix it if  you can
Under review

I think it's caused by the actual dead king that is not leaving the game nor respawning. I have this fixed but I don't want to push update on saturday / sunday - because the most people are playing these two days and I don't want to interrupt their games for little reason.

one thing rez. i loose my skin when i get the crown. can you make it go on top of your skin instead of replacing it. for hood make it visible underneath.

also there is no crown for the melee

i didn't know that

I also discovered that when the person with the top amount of bones dies, you won't get the crown until you surpass the previous top amount of bones.