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basically armor increases your health but lowers your speed. you can buy it in the shop. while on a grey player armor is darker grey on the brown team armor is bronze and finally while on the black team its lighter black.  a  these are my ideas for the different types of armor. hope you like them:

Light armor:

cost: 1600

speed reduction: 5%

health increase: 1 more hit

look: a breast plate, arm bands and leg pads

Heavy armor:

cost: 2400

speed reduction: 10%

health increase: 2.5 more hits

look: full armor with tiny gaps. shoulder pads and huge chest plate.

elite armor:

cost: 5000

speed decrease: none

health increase: 1.5 more hits

look: patterned breast plate with shoulder pads and wrist and leg bands

another thing i would like to say is that when you buy one of the shields from the shop while using that shield your block should increase from 180 degrees to 360.

also i noticed that if armor were added it would also be a good idea to add a knight styled helmet to go with the armor and knight shield (the one made entirely of metal).

if you liked this idea please tell me what you like most. same apply's the other way.

also if you have any more ideas please tell me (:

I feel, most of this upgrades is kind of pay2win. Because player for example, without better shield or armor can die much faster.

Totally agree. 1 hit makes a huge difference. Maybe 1 hit for 10-15% speed reduction would be acceptable, but extra hits without drawbacks... nope.

Pay2win? This could be something like if you get an armour during a battle.... 1,5 more hit is not too much :S 

I agree with you ! - Hooded Black

the armor has speed reduction so that players without armor are far more likely to survive.

i get how you feel with the elite armor tho. perhaps give it 5% speed decrease and 2 more hits.

also with a normal attack that much health can be taken out in less than seconds.


i was thinking of a sprite of a heavy armor 


I think armor should be a decorative item bought from the shop


i like the idea or armor but not to buff you up, just to be there like a real knight