some bugs with recruiting poeple

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well since i had more than 20 people on the tribe, i have the problem after i invite a person to my tribe and they click the link, they dont join some times even took me a lot of tries until they enter my tribe and some times they end up on the same server i am in like a friend´s server but it was the link to join the tribe, idk what is happening i did not have this problem that much after some time but still happening is there a limit on how much people i can have with the current amout of bones? i have 76 people on the monsters killers. also i can not kick any new members that entered when i wanted a specific person to join and leave the link, because the "kick" thing is bugges so it only goes so far as the last 16 people down, i tried zoom and unzoom but it didnt work, so if it is full my tribe then i can not kick people that i didnt wanted nor the people that are inactive that entered just cause... last thing is this, it apears that this is what happend after somebody clicks the link, i dont know what is happening i tried also and i got log out, i was half hour traying to make him enter via private link or public link. he was not on any tribe and on the chat he does not have any range on arena, i tried with 2 more people and nothing... i re post this after i realize it was on ideas

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