The Good Job Emote, We Want It Back!

Sgt Pain 3 years ago updated by Rezoner1337 3 years ago 8

After many requests Rezoner has finally bought back emotes! I am very happy that they are back from such a long absence but there is one thing that I have noticed that has an easy fix. In the older wilds.io there was 9 different emotes you could choose to say, Attack, Defend, Help, No, Ok, Bue, Vrngh, Follow Me, And Good Job. But I have noticed that in the new update, The Good Job emote is not included in the available emote list. 

As you can see, people are using the emotes and everything is good, but there is no Good Job emote on the wheel.

As you can see, the wheel only has 8 emotes, there is no Good Job emote

You may be wondering, why should the Good Job emote be bought back? The reason why is that it is already in the games code, so there is no extra work needed for Rezoner to do. The link for the emote is here. ----------->https://wilds.io/sounds/acks/good.ogg. All that needs to be done is to add another slide to the Emotes Wheel. My suggestion is to put it in between the follow and the help because the emotes like yes (ok) and no should be kept together. Same goes for bue and vrngh, attack and defend. It also is good if you want to tell someone gg or say good job to a teammate who got a nice kill, or when your team takes over the fort, and it goes on. 

So there you have it, why I think the Good Job emote should be bought back to wilds, and added on the Emote Wheel. Hope you are enjoying your new emotes as much as I am!

-Sgt Pain

Nice post, rezoner will most likely state a reason why or why not this audio file was not added.

i aprove it only if you replace the fart one. i love the rest

Under review

I am in bed now. I will add it tomorrow morning. There is no reason why it's not there - I have listed emotes from my memory, pretty much forgot that we had good job one. 

It would be better to put the old emoticons list because it presses a key and select with the mouse gives a little work

and In my sincerity this circle with the emoticons got weird

You need some time, for adapt your brain to new mechanic. One week and you will remember where is each emote and how fast choose it.

what does vrngh mean?


anger probably