Menu Addition Settings - Game Performance Customization?

Vigilante Gaming 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 11

Topic of Interest: Instead of having a strict sense of how the game is and will be played, why not make that a customized feature that provides players with the option to change possible aspects of the game, visually and 'physically.' This also can have a positive effect on the reduced amount of lag per individual rather than a broad solution.

Button Mapping: A task that has been brought up by others time and time again. The ability to modify the controls of the game makes it easier for members to adjust to the playing style that they prefer. Having this feature can possibly bring in more players due to the endless mapping options for each individual player.

Lighting Levels: The visual aspect of brightness makes it easier for players to adjust the overall brightness of the game.

In-Game Resolution: I believe that this is one of the better ideas on this list. The ability to change the resolution (the visual quality of an item) of visual aspects of the game from animation customization (sprinting textures, particle scatter (crates and chests), blood levels, weapons, entities, etc. This can play a big factor in the reduction of lag, definitely something to keep in mind as we progress.

Menu Volume Bar: I have seen posts of this on the forums before, and I personally think it would be a great addition to the game for even more opportunities of customization. Instead of having the simple option of having audio or not having it at all, why not manage the level of in-game volume being put out? Why not be able to modify the certain aspects of the audio. An example would be, "I want to have the audio of the combat (grunts and weapon swings) but not have the audio of my character breaking crates and chests."

Pre-Spawn Link Option: Before, the player would have to go to the menu to get a link, now after death you would have the option to send a link to your friends, why not have a pre-spawn in-game 'pop-up' option to create a link-based invite without the need to commit suicide in order to obtain a link.

Chat Toggle: Having the goal of reducing overall in-game lag can be reduced by having the option to enable or disable if the chat is viewed or not.

In-Game Scoreboard: https://goo.gl/ImJ83l (Previously explained post w/ visual aspects)

Team Switching: The action of being able to change teams freely can make it easier for teams to become balanced (sadly this can have a negative effect) but can be solved with an auto balancing system based on skill, kills, rank, etc.

Colorblind Visuals: To accommodate for those with visual disabilities (with the exception of being blind) why not adjust the hue of the games color to adjust to the common types of colorblindness. To give those with a genetic disadvantage a fair and equal opportunity to play the game. ( https://goo.gl/1YGjHF )

Again, these are ideas and additions for the possible 'menu' feature.

Any likes, comments, and support are greatly appreciated.

I agree. This can improve the game speed for some users.

Possibly particle effects? Like the barrels breaking etc. or low quality to high quality graphics etc.

As in like being able to control whether you want effects or not

Yes, that is what I mean.

how do u change the in-game resolution?

Wow, a bump. :l How wonderful I guess.

what do you mean, 'bump'?

Yea,man what do you mean,that's not bump.

i mean its a pretty good bump

button mapping (rezoner has better stuff to do, and the controls are already easy enough)

lighting levels (we could add night and day or u could just turn up your computer's brightness

resolution ( i agree but this game is already quite pixelated)

volume bar (ehhh sure but rezoner has better stuff to work on)

pre spawn link (rezoner has better stuff to work on)

we already have chat toggle

IG score board would be too clunky

team switching (yes yes yes you can finally shake off those targeters)

this game isn't THAT big u know

Great idea. A chance to reduce lag and make the game more appealing. Maybe options to hide the gold cap meter, or other not necessary things that are in game.