kicked and can't rejoin

A R C A N I N E 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 65

I kicked a friend from my tribe, and now he can't rejoin. any ideas on how he can?

btw, the ignore kicked = true didn't work :/

try using /recover_tribe

tried that... didn't work.

Why you even do such thing if you're not certain that it'll work?

I asked why you even try such a thing,why would you do that if it's not neccesary?

you mean why did i kick him? it was accidental. i was hovering over it, then my brother bumped my arm and i accidentally clicked 'kick' -.-

If so,it's ok,it can happen to everyone.

so how can he rejoin?

Did you try giving him link?

Yes. it didn't work.

Sh*t,though it worked for me.

I sent him a private link.

Use the *reply* button please.

lol i was just fighting this guy

I'm just asking,it's nothing,man.

Of course it's nothing, because it's off topic.

Oh,just chill dude.

Ok,ok,case closed.Calm your asses.

is there like a /rejoin command or anything?

I think not.Unless you're Rezoner.

i suppose i can restart my tribe. would that work? i mean delete my current tribe, and start it again

No,don't do that.Rez fixed this once,he can do it again.Just ask him.

When Hooded black left the clan in purpouse of pranking,he couldn't enter the tribe ,so Rez fixed that and he's again the leader of Black Solitude clan.Rez can fix your problem if he did that with previous case.

How do i ask him?

Dunno,private message or email,dunno.

...that's helpful...

how can I message him?

Again I'm not sure.I never had to send a private message.


He can rejoin your tribe if you send him a "Private Invite Link" from the administration section in the Tribe if you are the Tribe Leader , Kicked members normally cannot rejoin unless he/she is given a Private Invite Link from the Leader himself ~

Tell me if it worked .

PS - He must click the link to join the Tribe , just sending it to him and he ignores the damn link doesn't do a thing :)

Well , if you already sent him a Private Link , maybe someone used it first , it happens if you send the link in a "Public Chat" , Try to give him the link in a "Private Message" or something like that . Private Links can only be used once so it is important to give it to him PRIVATELY .

I tried to send him another link. it didn't work

how exactly do u set up a link? I copied it to his email, but it still didn't work. is there another way?

*my email, then i sent it to him. 3 times.


Try sending it in a Message , Or Private Message . An example of this is using Facebook / Discord . There are tons of options to choose from . 

Yea.For now discord is the best option.

Can i message using wilds.io itself?

At first check out what is computer, if you don't know that things.

Was that roast rly necesary?

um...ok? wuts discord?

Discord is a free gaming voice and text chat you can use.You should sign up if you want.

Is it a download? becuase my computer decides to give me BSOD if i try to download.

No,it's not,don't worry.

you can either download it or use it in browser

erm...ok. I'll try

does he need discord to?

how do u connect to a server in discord? im a noob and im stupid and cant figure it out -.-

;-; , He needs a Discord account also , send him an invite link to your Discord Server so you can send the "Private Link"

how does he connect to my server?


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*whisp* he talks to mirror ^^

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Well..how do i get him on my discord server?