Boost Performance?

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I kind of screwed up when buying a laptop (cause I didn't know what I was doing), anyway I have an intel pentinum 2.4 Ghz processor and 8GB ram. Sadly I only have 32mb dedicated ram and I can't increase it.

My CPU runs at 90 while playing this game without anything in the background which is kind of annoying (I also use Opera because Chrome takes a toll on my CPU). I also know that Rez loses brain cells every time he hears the word "lag" which I can understand and I don't think that he should change much just because my laptop sucks.

But I was still wondering if I am the only person with this kind of issue and can anything be done about it?

my record is 1088 ping/ms so yes we need to boost performance XD

My record is 678.Agree,we need improvement.

Mine is 400-481

My ping is fine though, I have like 20 :D

actually ping does go to like 200-300 sometimes and stays like that for a while

The lowest it could get for me is 74.

That stinks. On a good server my ping is around 40, but sometimes it spikes near a hundred. Europe server, my ping is always over 100, but it never goes over 300 I don't think

Well,still better than my preformance.You're so lucky that your game won't crash several in a row every 30 minutes during 100+ bone collecting.

True story

I have 100 bones, ping is 26 and everything is okay (at least to me, no idea what about others who keep trying to kill me) and then my character starts moving like drunk man and ping is 500-600 for next 20 seconds. 5 people chasing me (because I can only try to run otherwise I will die with this lag) and luckily after 20 secs my ping is back to 26. I kill everyone who was chasing me + some other people. 130 bones. I'm going to worm pit, I'm in it and then... ping on 500-600. To be continued...

It has been doing that recently. Not every day, but one or two days earlier in the week I think

my record is 2268 ping

no joke

That pain never stops....

My record? 9049 ping/ms :)

Mine was actually above 4230 or so.Thinking of that it couldn't get worse for me.

14 ping is my lowest and usually my ping but highest I got was during a ping spike of 2102

My general ping is 8 and my highest is 1000 - 1150

Correction,mine is at lowest sometimes 20,but usually 45 or so,but the highest is 745.I fixed pc a bit,but only for few days since graphics card comes from the paleolitic.

the lowest ping i ever got was 4 (at a library) and the highest i ever got was like 700-800 ish

oh and disguised what do you mean by chrome takes a toll on the CPU? i tried opera before but my character always sticky key


The ping is so bad I wan't to kill myself...

I know that feeling,man,but that won't stop for me.


I'd take you out for a drink if you weren't under age to celebrate the change of your profile picture.

Are you being sarcastic?

and suddenly i change my mind about disguised

So?What do you think now of him?

I agree, but what can you expect from a web game where everything is just image and based on internet connection.

If wilds.io was in PC version not Web it would boost perfomance A LOT, but as Rez was writing (couple times), game would need complete reconstruct and it would not be easy as it it right now to implement something new. Why? JavaScript which is used to script on webpages and for webpages ONLY. That means new language is needed to handle game and some kind of updater. Next thing would be access to game. It won't be so easy as typing url in bar,login,play. I think you get the point.

Again, i agree with you, but i think Rez can not do much about this. At least i think.

Yea,that sucks.Easier game implementing traded for better game preformance.*sigh*

i think i have some kind of solution go to options and change it to 60 fps

Yea,we have it,bit the thing is that this does not work for all people,and all depends on pc quality,like my craptop for instance.