Ahoy. I am back from my holiday.

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Hiya everyone,

First of all - thank you for the wedding wishes.

The next thing I will focus on now is solely the new game mode using shadows and graveyard tileset prepared by Egzekutor. 

What I have in mind is something like braiins.io - you get killed by a shadow - you become a shadow - last man standing is a winner.

Ok, good Rez. Welcome back!!

Before i hope that u fix this otherwise daily quest will be useless because i ask and it happens for too much players:



That is pretty lit,and yea,quests are gonna get screwed if not fixed so yea.



There happened many funny things during your longest wedding ever (how wedding can end after 2 weeks?!) - There came user called Xenon, who has -48 average points and he makes fake accounts to upvote his topics.

There came user called Savage Sammich who changed his name to King Voldoran. His first days here was very rude since I criticized his ideas, even if I had right to do it and reasons.

Knight of Rage is back after his desperate leave from forum because people didn't liked his topics.

Seal is doing around 100 comments a day by now in this forum.

Rezak fell down in arena leaderboard, because Rhyme farmed points on guests. Only guests.

I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST immediately changed his ego and explains it by death of previous owner.

Some people wanted forum not to be like a chat, but it was unsuccessful.

Toke is now Jashin.

Mistodel changed his/her avatar on forum.

Someone wanted Kusarigama implemented to game as weapon.

Someone made very nice shield picture on paint, and made idea about it.

Why there is CTF leaderboard if there is no CTF gamemode?

I don't know what to write more here...

you told nothing about me :'(

Meh, life isn't always what you want to expect. (or want mostly)

Ukryty,me making 100 comments?Wow...

Once you got more than 100 comments in one day, so you should calm down xD

I'm surprised,I don't even know how much I have and I'm getting.I know It's not 100.

lol im in ur post


Hahaha , and we now have a Journalist in the Forum named Ukryty

It's not the future I ever expected in my life.

And from that day forth he was known as Ukryty the Chronicler.

Ye hahaha the shield tho

Rezoner-Senpie is back :')

Senpai noticed me!....

Or not!

who is the lucky woman (or man)?

It's real question or a joke?

A game mode of survival til the last man standing is awesome . But I would also like to recommended making this a Game Mode , it's the work of Brai and the others that I saw , and I kinda wanted this to be a "thing" . A Co-op survival using the fort as object to defend and shadows be as .... bandits ? Or Vampire Sadists who love sucking blood and forcing the Squad to survive within the Fort Walls .... Seems awesome to be a Game Mode ...

Link to Brai's Video (Youtube) :



wait, isnt that 2 ideas convined? soo now its the stage getting smaller and shadows into the mix?

Rezoner but one question that new game mode would not be the same as hell? Added for a while.

 A long time ago with ez i told me that the idea that only one person left and the map became smaller was the most voted. Have the votes changed?

This idea is the most voted should not this be the one of do? 

Good to hear. I think i'm soon also will be back in wilds :) Monsters population was too small in last month and i should do something with it :p

YES. I miss the giant hordes of yetis :)






Keep calm


Seal with it!

Keep calm

  - and -


Keep calm


Chill dude

Keep calm


be Seal

You joking,right?Who'd like to be me?Are you crazy?

Guess whose back, back again.

Rez is back, tell a friend.

Rez is back, Rez is back, Rez is back.

*facepalm* We already know that.

Heheh arent you on holiday all time, Rezoner?

I legit thought this post was new and I got really happy.

me too :/