Abandoning Quests = Lose Gold?

Shopkeeper Ally 7 years ago updated by RedDeadX 7 years ago 16

If you abandon quests it would make you lose a specific amount of gold depending on the quest.

If you abandon a quest that is worth 50 gold when completed, you will lose maybe 15 gold.

100 = lose 30 gold

150 = lose 45 gold etc...

I understand if not many people like this idea but i think this will make the game more balanced.

I wonder what you guys will think about this .-.

Oh and i forgot to say if someone cant afford the gold to abandon quest they cant play the quest until they get enough gold.

2 down votes already people must not like my idea.


You already lose gold if you abandon a quest because you miss out on a reward that you could have gotten...but that's not really a penalty like what you're talking about

Ok,this isn't necesary,but isn't bad either.+1 since it's not that big of a deal collecting gold.

Which baby d*cks have downvoted all this?This is actually good idea with good logic.

I don't think this would be such a good idea with all of the soccer quests that you can get. or the gate repair ones. Honestly we already lose out on gold as it is why penalize us even more when we drop the annoying quests?

I don't find this to be a good idea. If you get an arena quest and lose a few times, then abandon the quest, that's a LOT of gold just dumped away that could've been saved for a better weapon, your chosen accessory, Hell, even a voicepack if you want to butcher "bue." 

Seriously though, think about that. All that progress in gold, lost for nothing. I know about the "your choice to do __ so it's your fault" argument, and it does make sense, but then again, why bother to keep a quest you can't complete if you just lose gold for choosing to try for another?

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Pay for losing gold you could get later from quest? Where's The Shopkeeper?!

Dunno.He's taking a dump maybe.

well this is an okay idea i think if u made it less harsh, made soccer quests not appear as often or remove soccer quests in genreal

Maybe not loose gold but pay for removing quests, of course a small and constant amount of money (50 gold or so) And If you dont afford to do it you still can do it


This guy is an idiot fs -1


Dude,take it easy,he has just wish to contribute just as others,and everyone has a different thinking,approach and judgement.Pull it together man.