New Battle Effect

Dead Wolf 2 years ago • updated by Egzekutor 2 years ago 15

I once gave a similar idea and here it is back with some changes and influenced by the comments:
1 idea - Add an effect of both attacks being nullified when two people knock at the same time

2 idea - Disarm the enemy using the first effect and kicking him directly after

I'm confused.

Sword colliding sound

I think the combat system is fine rn

This is weird lol.


Putting effect when guns collide is a good idea.!!!



good idea! i just dont really like the second one dough

Maybe a stun effect when both weapons collide at same time :P 

*epic scene where two weapons push against each other. Their owners looking grim.

Instead of stun,  maybe when weapons collide, both players receive 1/2 or 1/3 normal dmg?