sushisling3r 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 11

i dont know about you guys but i really cant play this game because of lag i have a decent 2016 pc with 200 GB of ram and using google chrome but wilds.io is so LAGGY it was'nt all of the sudden but ever since claw got added the game got increasing laggy

please fix the lag i think its the server issue (or those errors that pop-up when you press inspect)


I have a dog shit computer and it doesnt lag honest to god claws isnt a part of this


Yeah, sometimes the game does lag for me, but only intermittently. 

Other things that could effect your game: It might be the internet you're using. There's also a thing you can toggle in Settings for fps. If you have a lot of tabs open maybe close a few. Also make sure you're using the server for the region you're in. for example North America.


Just do it! Make your dreams come true!

200gb is a lot because I have less than 160 gb and mine doesn't lag

GB = great Britain ? :D

Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, Ctrl + V, Ctrl + V...

i always had lags ;P


Also, what server do you play and where do you live anyway? If you are in Europe and playing on a Brazil server, you might encounter more lag due to distance.


I had lag right after the update, but now its way better. No idea why

ahh i see

i'm still playing on NA server and the lag subsided but its still quite annoying might be internnet?