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I would appriciate it as well. It can save me from several deaths xD

Oh I wonder why..

It seems like almost every single post has some dislikes nowadays.

I like your idea. Would be cool with an Earth Staff in this game :D

However, try to formulate your ideas in more constructive ways; explain and describe more! :D

It just happens sometimes. It happens to me as well, sometimes my internet speed is fast as lightning, sometimes it is slow as a turtle. I guess it's your internet.

Interesting idea! Would be useful as every player tries to kill you when you're king.

Good to see more experienced players agreeing on this topic! I hope Rezoner does something about this :/

Would be very interesting with such items. These should be rare though, cuz i don't want to see everyone spamming those large bombs xD
Maybe the items either could be acquirable through chests, or maybe they can be rewards. Like 1 random powerful item per 25/50 bones you pick up?

Looks very great, it looks barbaric :D