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I agree with E%patriate, teammates shouldn't be able to do this to you.

A bug in the arena! My post went pretty unnoticed so I'm posting it here so Rezoner can see it more easily.

Nolifer? *triggered* XD

I will gladly step in to help people learn!

A solution to the arrows circling may be to make the arrows less sensitive (OatMealKasha's idea). -> Making them move towards the cursor less, but still following the cursor slightly.

"keep rollin rollin rollin" do i smell a reference? xDD

I think that's what Rezoner meant, choosing whether to have beard or not, etc.

I may be medieval biased, but I think wilds should keep the sword-bow style (I know muskets were used in the late middle ages). Like, early medieval time / fantasy style. However, I wouldn't complain if muskets and colonial hats were added to the game.
Nice drawing btw! :D

You have good points E%patriate. Though I disagree with one thing; I think it should be able to survive a group. It's cool to feel like a beast sometimes.

270 degree seems to be a great option! :D Nice update!

I agree that it should be hard to be the king. But the problem is what Tohotom Vezer said. Inexperienced players spam left click and then you die so quickly.