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I think in general, the community is quite good, we have discord groups (Vigilantes, Training Camp etc.), and players are engaged and eager to help the game grow.

But it can always be better. I don't have any solutions I've been thinking on, but as I wrote in one of the comments above, maybe more strategy-based gameplay could be nice. Gameplay where you have to rely on your teammates more, or something. I could be totally wrong, but I think this was nice in Brutal Football before, when the whole team got points for winning together.

A teammate tried to hook me across spikes just a little while ago xD. It's true that many players do everything for many bones. Same with me, I usually hunt the King to get bones. I am brainstorming right now, but maybe a solution could be more team-based and more strategy-based gameplay. Like the Brutal Football in the early days.

Rezoner, if you're planning that for Arena, I think the Arena scores should be reset at the start of each month.

  • This will make more people play Arena, because people will then have a better chance to win, as the scores are reset. Additionally, people would want the Gold Rewards at the end of each month, right?
  • And since I'm already at the top, I (and the other top players) can just chill and receive gold each month, if the scores don't reset, which is unfair.

It takes a while before you can find a 3v3 or 1v1 match, but I think it would be easier to find Arena matches if you do this.

Mate you already posted this..

lol, team name: "Extreme Feminists"
taunt: "The Age of Men is over!" xDDD

There are numerous posts about this. Rezoner has marked it with "Under Review".

Also I don't get why people like the old version better. It is because of the simplicity of it or what? :o

Seva, your imagination is great, but Rezoner can't simply add a random idea to the game. You have to think of's potential, what might suit the game? Is there anything in-game that needs something to be added? etc.

I think Rezoner has some plans about changing the existing Ruins map

Yeh that's true, but archers gain the most of it. They can direct their arrows at someone and just keep running away. But still, it's not too OP, I don't mind it really

I was about to report zooming as it's kind of cheating for archers, but apparently it's supposed to be like this ;o