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This reminds me of a video I watched recently: "History of the World - Every Year".
This is interesting :D

I like this! I also like the idea about increased amounts of goblins at night, would be cool :D

I'm in Vigilantes, but I either want to create my own tribe or join another player's tribe. I like challenges, I don't prefer things being too easy

I like this. If this would be the case, I think it should be the amount of points a user has that decides how frequently they can post.
- Because when people like your post/idea, you get more points, which most likely means that your ideas are good.
- Those who posts ideas which get more dislikes, lose points - which most likely means that their ideas aren't that good.

Looking so much forward to it :D

I think it's because we've already discussed the charged attack in another post. Rezoner also said that he's been quite busy recently.

That is annoying for sure!
The player needs time to at least run back to their base and maybe have time to fight off obstacles and enemies in their path. On the other hand, it can't be too much. So idk, 1 minute 30 sec?

I would like this, because goblins pop outta nowhere like John Cena and hits me before I even know it