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Cooldown on the Charged Melee Attack?

Vykrad 7 years ago updated by Knight of Rage 7 years ago 18

The charged attack is neat, though personally, I think it is somewhat ruining the combat system. People are using it all the time.

In 3v3 for example, the two most used attacks in melee are the charged attack and the special attack. It's like the other attacks (kick and roll) don't even matter anymore. It's so hard to play a strategic match.

I don't know what other people think of this, but I think it should have a cooldown, like the special attack.


Maybe after you use it, the orange half circle turns red and slowly goes down to zero, then you can reuse it.

Yes, that would be useful!


i know what you mean and i can confirm. People very often use this attack and this deal massive dmg. This is most dangerous attack behind the bomb. Your idea is good, but in my opinnion this attack need have less dmg, exacly 2 dmg. Because this attack have good acceleration especially when you run and use dash, in right hand this is very strong and dangerous attack. This is better than every one special attack. But i want see what others think about this topic.


2 dmg per attack could also be a good idea. I am just so tired of seeing people abusing this attack


With sword you can finish your enemy with 2 charged attacks and special ability. 6 dmg with two attacks give big advantage vs bow/wand users because this weps can't deal such dmg. Also when you hit enemy with charge attack you can fast make roll or shield dash. This combination deal 4 hp - 1/2 of all hp...


Unfortunately, I have no good news on the charged attack. In recent times, people do not really use anything else when fighting with melee weapons. Sadly it destroys a goal in the wilds of what is grinding skill. Now all just based on the use of charged attack.

I say this as an experienced player who plays this game from the beginning. In my opinion this attack should be weakened because it takes up a large part of the game which is based on a good use of all the skills, not just one attack that is stronger than the rest.

Now to do this you just have to attack with a charged attack, running and using the dash. This will give you more acceleration than the sword in the first version and in addition inflicts more damage. You can also use the combination everytime when dash cooldown pass.

In older times players were forced to how to approach a player and make a successful strike.

I love this game and want to be balanced in every aspect.

I hope you are reading this Rez and take this into account.


I totally agree that charge attacks has dramatically ruined the battle mechanics.
Prior to it, Arena battles consisted of a combination of skill + strategy + luck.
In other words, it was pretty fun to play.
After overpowered charged attacks has been introduced, the battle has become tiresome and consists of basically it: charge attacks all the time. It is very lag sensitive because of the massive damage and speed.

I really don't understand why these attack modes were introduced since everything was well balanced prior to it.
There are several points to attack the problem on the top of my head:

- When a player has charged and attack and got hit, it should disarm the attack. This is crucial because charging it tends to be a win-win situation. If you got hit, them you counter attack with the charged attack and it will certainly deal more damage than you had. The problem of not disarming the attack also allows players to make traps and lure opponents to it's range. And of course many of them will do that all the time.

- Increase the time it takes to charge is not a good option because them it will no be consistent with bow and wand attacks.

- Decrease the attack range is a good option.

- Decrease the attack speed.

- Decrease the attack damage to 1 (this seems easy to implement).

A quick side note:

There are plenty of players who don't speak English.
Raaa RaQ, among other players, complained about it to me and asked me to post here.

To use the players count as the sole feedback for how changes are going is dangerous.

The fact that they are still playing the game does not mean they are happy with those changes.

Also, there is a natural tendency the player count is on the rise since the game is relatively new.
I started to play the game on my spare time when my nephew visited my office.
However the unbalanced fights turned the game pretty boring/annoying sometimes, especially because no skill is required for a player to spam charge attacks all the time. Now we always have to be in defensive mode waiting for these attacks. This is boring and I'm considering to find a substitute game to play with my nephew.


Good to see more experienced players agreeing on this topic! I hope Rezoner does something about this :/

Under review

I can decrease damage to 2 for starters and see if it helps.

I am not bringing it down to 1 as there will be pretty much no reason to charge an attack


Yes i agree.

Thanks for considering! It's not easy to make everybody happy all the time, but this is certainly one thing that most players agree upon. Hope my nephew will learn how to use other moves then...lol
I'll tell Raaa Raq about the possible change.


Rezoner, the problem is that once you charge an attack, you can release it at any time, so you can approach someone while charged and they'll naturally block, however, once their block runs out then they're dead because it has a cooldown but charged attack doesn't.


In addition, once you land with charged attack you can immediately combo into sword special for a whopping 5 damage. that's pretty unbalanced.

I think the charge attack also negates shield. At least when the health is low but shield is not the player gets killed anyway as if the charge does damage to shield and health separately. Maybe it also damages both health and shield in general (effectively doing double damage), but I haven't tested it. Look into it when you're doing the nerf. I've definitely charge killed a lot of players with shield that I shouldn't have.

By shield you mean armor? It seems that HP check first then kill you if it is enough when you are hit and because charge does 3/8 dmg you might see it more often than from kick/roll 1/8 or normal 2/8 dmg. I remember kicking guy with like half armor, instakill.

Yeah, sorry, I meant armor, guess my mind was in sci-fi mode. So it would seem it affects kick aswell, maybe roll too. I haven't noticed it with regular attacks though.

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