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I'm gonna call it Eggzekutor

I'm saving that picture

I think it is good for ranged, but melee is just clusterfck, especially when multiple enemies are attacking you.
I would like to keep directional block, but only for ranged attacks; which means that if you block a melee attack, the block is not directional.

I want the option to give my eggplant companion MLG sunglasses please

Well I don't know about the other veterans but I like the directional block.

For your second argument: Ranged was underpowered before this, now it's more balanced.
Third argument: I think it's not that much harder to learn, it's just logical that you have to block in the direction it is necessary.
Fourth: I think it makes the game more skill dependent. You will have to focus on blocking where it is needed. I have no problems with it so far.
Fifth: I didn't have to relearn anything, but that's just me xD

This is just what think about this, though, I don't speak for everyone.

Of course, I agree. Fighting was more strategic before the charged attack was implemented into the game. The 3v3 and 1v1 matches were more fun, and it was more exciting to watch your teammates fight if you died beforehand. It's not fun when inexperienced players manage to kill you because they only use the charged attack against you. It's better if they learn the other attacks and become more experienced players that way. (My opinion) xP

I have to agree, it's very hard to defend yourself from it now.

Keep up the good work, Rezoner! :D

I agree that the archer got a little nerfed but there isn't really that much of a difference. I'm sure you'll manage, since you did well before the update. It think it was done so melee fighters could more easily get to the ranged guys.

If an enemy gets close to you, run! Use different attacks if they get close to you. They're mainly focusing on reaching you, so they aren't expecting surpise attacks as much. Turn around and roll over them for example. Dash against them. Archers got superior range, use that advantage.
Nonetheless, archers are more like a support class, to be honest. They're not as good killing machines as the swordsmen.

I don't think the weapons should be any cheaper. They should rather be more expensive than cheaper. 2000 is in fact not that much.
I don't know if you are aware of it, but you can temporarily aquire the other weapons from chests on the Ruins Map, which you will then have until you die next time.