What's wrong with servers? (Lags)

BlackDiamondPL 4 years ago updated by BerserkerOP_Pay2Win 4 years ago 6

Yesterday i weren't having any lags at all. Game was working fine, but today it is laging everytime. My connection speed is 5/1 (download/upload) and computer is at low usage (without game opened [with game. 50%]).


It just happens sometimes. It happens to me as well, sometimes my internet speed is fast as lightning, sometimes it is slow as a turtle. I guess it's your internet.


My internet is very stable, i was testing it with wilds.io turned on and it was ok.


But there are still lags.


My average of days when wilds.io is laggy on all 3(!) computers is one for 43. 2 weeks ago i got soooo laggy servers, i was 2 times checking do i am playing on AS servers :D

You may try other browsers, maybe?

Periodically, I experience more lag than usual. I think it depends on the amount of people using the server.