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For me, the special attack / freezing bolt is the only OP thing with the wand. When I'm frozen, I am extremely vulnerable and can easily be killed before I am normal again.

Still a better love story than twilight XD

True! Although I think that would increase the waiting time? I'm not sure. Anyway, you've got a point.

Or somelike like "Fighter of the Day: (Player's Name)" on the main menu screen. That would be neat.

Maybe. but if it only once per week, then everyone would not have the time to play it / it wouldn't be as popular? Idk xD
I just thought of a few tournaments per day (every 4 hours?) / once per day.

Yeh maybe 1 minute is too short... but on the other hand, the waiting wouldn't be long. It is meant to be quick fights between 2 players.

I like your ideas xD but it would take a lot of time to make this for Rezoner, and it doesn't 100% fit into the game

Yeah, I think that works!