Tameable Goblins - Your Green Buddy on the Battlefield

Vykrad 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 15

An adventurous goblin which will gladly join you throughout your journeys and battles!

How to get: If you give something (a health potion?) to a goblin which is running towards you it takes the item. Then it becomes friendly and more powerful than a regular goblin.

The goblin can work as a friend, pet or basically a meat shield.


  • A green healthbar appears around the goblin, to indicate that he is friendly. (And maybe a circle around him so you know it's your goblin?)
  • A friendly goblin has 4 health, but still does 1 damage. (The goblin shouldn't affect combat THAT much)
  • It follows you around the map.
  • Max 1 goblin per player.
  • It attacks nearby enemies. Otherwise, it sticks close to you.
  • Once you die, the goblin returns to its previous state.
  • Only enemies can harm it.

Really great idea bro. I love it <3


I'm lovin' it xd


This is a very good idea!


Thanks guys!


it is great idea but i think it would work better if you will buy the goblin and not tamed it

but realy realy great idea


I actually thought of the idea of buying a goblin pet in the shop, which is another idea of mine. However, they are very similar so I had to pick between one of them, so I picked Tameable Goblins. Here are some notes I have written for my other idea:


Very nice.


Max 1 goblin per player..... maybe in the future could exist other class of hero that can have more than 1? :)

Nice Idea!

I also thought of players in the Renegade team having a maximum of 2 goblins each. Nonetheless, I think that is too much. I think 1 is good enough.


I could just see a whole army of goblins attacking people everywhere, causing a whole lotta lag. But otherwise that is a pretty good idea. This is basically a better description my idea but this is pretty kool


He said max 1 per player

There are already several goblins on every Ruins map. I don't think it will hurt with a few extra goblins xD


this would be pretty cool!


The crazier battlefield the better! Maybe we could even feed goblins with specific items for specific upgrades/timed buffs on them? I think on their own they will be just like Imps in Magicka: Wizard wars though...

Cool idea! Although it means more work for Rezoner though. Also, I don't think goblins should be advanced. I don't want them to do a big impact on combat. ;o But it sounds cool nonetheless