Earth Staff

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Charge Attack Shoots Spikes In A Line Out Of The Ground, Dealing 1 Damage. Special Attack Forms A Wall Around The Player That Lasts 5 Seconds


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Why The Dislike?


because you put no effort into the post, and we don't stand for that. If you want constructive attention, you need to work for it.

Sorry, but what do you mean I've put no effort

Maybe Because Of Your Writing Style?

It is really hard to read that, please stop.

As I know, the firewand will go in game first, but needs to be tuned a bit.

However, your idea is not that bad. I will only suggest different special - some kind of a shockwave, which works in 360° and knocks all opponents to the ground (with low or without any damage).

Stop Writing Like This!

Yeah It Makes You Look Like A Jadeblood

Also Your Post Is Being Disliked Because You Put No Effort Into It And That Would Be Incredibly Annoying To Fight Against, As Well As Useless.


i think this class should be slower

and should have powerful attacks

like being able to climb up mountains

and for the special you should have protection from all attacks

idk about reg attacks and powered attacks


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I like your idea. Would be cool with an Earth Staff in this game :D

However, try to formulate your ideas in more constructive ways; explain and describe more! :D