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It will surely make people want to retrieve the flag more, so I think it could be a good idea.

Experienced players who use the charged attacks sometimes wait to unleash the attack until their opponent's shield is down. It's very hard to escape that, as the experienced players use dash as well to get to you.

Also, when several enemies are attacking you simultaneously, it's hard to block/dodge every attack.

The fact that people go after you when you have several bones is actually the point tho. I don't think it should be that easy to become King in game. You have to work for it.

But I do agree it's a mess with those charged attacks xD
Rezoner is most likely going to nerf the charged attacks so they do 2 damage instead of 3 :D

Cool idea! Although it means more work for Rezoner though. Also, I don't think goblins should be advanced. I don't want them to do a big impact on combat. ;o But it sounds cool nonetheless

I like that idea. It would be a cool, small feature :D
I also thought of Poke Hano's idea with the powerful items which Egz linked to above.

Btw, keep up with the constructive way of posting ideas!

I think it will be a great update! I'm sometimes clumsy with the bombs, so I think I'm going to replace a bomb with an extra knife or something. xD

There are already several goblins on every Ruins map. I don't think it will hurt with a few extra goblins xD

I also thought of players in the Renegade team having a maximum of 2 goblins each. Nonetheless, I think that is too much. I think 1 is good enough.

I actually thought of the idea of buying a goblin pet in the shop, which is another idea of mine. However, they are very similar so I had to pick between one of them, so I picked Tameable Goblins. Here are some notes I have written for my other idea: