In-Game Inventory - Could It Help Store Items For Later Use?

Vigilante Gaming 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 10

Introduction: It is good to be back on the userecho Wilds.io forums with a brand new fresh idea. Since the new update, it has (for me at least) been rather challenging to come up with new ideas that have not been requested and or added. Plus, managing a guild with over 70+ people is no easy task, let me tell you that much. Anyways, thank you everyone for your patience.

Topic of Interest: Have you ever wanted to keep more than three items (assuming that you automatically used one and stored another in your hot-bar)? Well with this concept, a simple tap of the 'Esc' key located on the top left of your keyboard, could have the potential to bring up a small 1x3 panel enabling the player to choose one of three possible new items (future items). This idea can build off of new items that others have created (community creations or Rezoner's additions); where a powerful, single use, valuable item can be used. The item would be not as powerful as a characters ability but it would be a tad stronger compared to a normal item.

Example: Say you have a regular explosive bomb and you have a super-charged explosive bomb (random name). The regular explosive bomb would remain the same - no doubt. The super-charged explosive bomb would have a smaller blast radius but deal more damage. Providing that a player can receive only one of these per life making it balanced.

All constructive comments and likes are appreciated, remember this is only an idea off of the top of my head. More forum posts will soon be uploaded.


I see potential in this idea.

If rez add reinforced items from this idea https://wilds.userecho.com/topics/2300-stronger-pickup-items/ they can be stored in just such a backpack / slot.

This idea is very interesting, though I would like some clarification on what you mean by "Providing that a player can receive only one of these per life making it balanced." Are you proposing that a player receives one of the stronger items upon entering the game/respawning, or are these items collectible objects that can only be picked up once per life?


It would be rather a system in which an item would appear once every time a person respawns, but the item would have a minor cool down to prevent people from using the item, killing themselves, and respawning to reuse it.

I like that idea. It would be a cool, small feature :D
I also thought of Poke Hano's idea with the powerful items which Egz linked to above.

Btw, keep up with the constructive way of posting ideas!

Thanks, I appreciate all of your guys support!

This would be good for training for future items

Maybe a storage box for an entire team?

Other players could loot them?

Also you could store items by throwing them to boxes that would seal up?

Just a thought! :D

That's another alternative I suppose, but I was focusing more on the individualized storage aspects - but still a very good idea regardless.

https://wilds.userecho.com/topics/2300-stronger-pickup-items/ / Items that could possibly be stored in this inventory idea.