Charge Attack Bait Lowers Skillcap

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Because you can hold a charge attack for as long as you want and release it instantly, but you can't block forever, this basically fucks up the game because someone can just wait for an opponent to block and then unleash charged attack when their block goes on cooldown. Please consider fixing this bait strategy, as it's really annoying to play against: they just play hyperdefensive until you block, then they get three damage on you for free. It's also just a super easy way to play, you aren't putting yourself in any real danger, and it lowers the skillcap (conventional fighting methods are much more difficult to do well in).


Charged attack also takes away brain cells

If enemy holds attack and you blocked already then either he is too far away to catch you if you roll back or close enough to roll on him, if you roll on far enemy you risk attack getting released on your face still.

You can also drop down a mine/throw weapon/dagger in attempt to punish enemy if he does charge you.

I was thinking simply the power to block forever would pretty much fix it

but in order to balance that you would have to slow down block-walking.


Forever blocking destroy all mechanic in game totally. Charge attack need be fix, not other mechanic.


To be honest it already is kind of broken with ice wand, good wand player can keep distance and not release too many shards to let himself get damaged in case of kicking, if they could block forever it would be even more broken considering you can dash while rolling. Meele player in this case relies on wand player making mistake or being fooled into blocking much earlier than he should.

What is wrong with Charge attack though, Egzekutor? It can be easily blocked then punished with instant death even if enemy have 100% HP if you have right items.

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I explained there all about charged attack, and not only me wrote true about it.


Experienced players who use the charged attacks sometimes wait to unleash the attack until their opponent's shield is down. It's very hard to escape that, as the experienced players use dash as well to get to you.

Also, when several enemies are attacking you simultaneously, it's hard to block/dodge every attack.

I like that idea very much.

I agree completely.

It is so annoying when you have three players doing it at the same time it happeneds a lot sense I always play as a ffa character.

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I think it's because we've already discussed the charged attack in another post. Rezoner also said that he's been quite busy recently.


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