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I think it's great that you tried! The trailer isn't as professional as an official trailer should be like, but your video can still help getting a few more players to play the game.

We need more players like you, Marcus Gong, who are actually trying to help the game grow!

Rezoner can spawn a bear, he loves to spawn stuff lol

Urosthebest and I have already suggested this, but nothing really happened. Nonetheless, I want this to happen so you get a like from me.

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Uros' post:

They are definitely annoying, but you should take is as a compliment if they run away from you, because it means that you are more likely to defeat them = you are better than them xD Running away is the smartest thing to do if you don't stand a chance against an opponent.

Rezoner unfortunately declined throwing rocks, but that was 3 months ago.

I agree with this. An additional possible solution can be that certain trustworthy players can be moderators for this, so when they see a name or a tribe that's inappropriate, they just tell the player/tribe to change name. Also, it could be neat if the player/tribe didn't have the ability to change names for 30 days or something (after the inappropriate name has been changed to something else), if they don't listen to the moderators. Just a thought!

I think you misunderstood me, Ecolized. With my second point I only meant that it would be unfair to give gold rewards to the top arena players while NOT resetting the leaderboards. Since it takes a while to find a 3v3 match, we would receive prices every month just by doing nothing. That was the only thing my second point was about.

It's not a US server, it's an American server, which means both North America and South America. BUT that doesn't mean that others aren't allowed to speak their languages there.

Will there be fixed teams? Or will the teams be random?
There will be needed a lot of players, at least. But I like this!