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Wilds.io Championship

Cyrillus, Mrrppp, Corn Maker . 7 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 6 years ago 35

I'm thinking of making a Wilds.io championship, set up like the World Cup is set up. There is a picture down below for the people who do not follow soccer. I already have a server set up, and help would really be appreciated.

I would also like if there weren't just links for the matches, but a separate tournament version. I know it would be a little hard to make, though.

I think that the tournament should be held once a month, and there is a prize for winning the tournament. Let it be a digital trophy, 10,000 coins, I don't really care, but the winner beat Wilds.io greatest players.

I also wanted to announce that I am NOT the first one to think of this idea. However, I had already made a server for it before I heard that others already wanted it. In other words, this is not plagiarism.

10,000 coins too much, I think 3000 will be more normal sum

5k?too much games for just 3k in a row

6000* (Two weapons)

Here, how about the mean of 3,000 and 10,000? Uh... I think 6,500

how can i join it?

Will there be fixed teams? Or will the teams be random?
There will be needed a lot of players, at least. But I like this!

We need 32 players

And I'm not sure if it should be teams, but maybe

Maybe we can make the team tournament but it would be smaller i guess

Under review

What I am quite confused about is - are you organizing the championship - or do you ask if I can implement it?


There were two ideas about implementing the tournament(mine and Vykrads) it think he wants you to do both i guess...

But im also confused so...


I was thinking that you can make the matches... But I will organize the championship on Discord

but not everyone can go on discord and they want to play in the tourny


Well... I need a place to put the tournament... And most Wilds players have a Discord. I thought it was just for the best.


Well you organize championship, but you want Rezoner as sponsor? :D

Like in World cup lol


So 10,000 gold for a bunch of fights? How about for 2nd and 3rd place you get 3,000 gold and there could be an entrance fee. All other players who fail get 100 gold back as the fee they paid to enter

But... Then the Entrance fee would be useless, if you get the money back. I like the idea of second and third getting gold, though.

can someone give me link

What would be the structure of these matches? 1v1, 3v3, soccer, or a separate tourney for each? Any round robin to determine the players in the bracket? (because I shudder to think of a 256 player bracket...) Would these matches be longer, e.g. first to 5, first to 8, etc. so that luck is a much smaller factor of each match (and to give more streaming content)?

how about an entrance fee of 200. players who get over halfway up the ladder get payed 400 at the end which is there money back plus someone else's on the lower half of the ladder. then first place gets 5000 coins second gets 3500 and third gets 2500.

how about make them in an arena which other players can watch (like a gladiator match). with cheering sound affects and people on the walls watching.

make players who enter start by getting thrown into the arena with 5 random players. all of them get black tops. it is a fight to the death. once 3 people are dead the two survivors get the money that they had and go into a battle themselves with all health renewed and full protection. the winner goes on to the finals after that and next time he plays he is put in with a random other player who got that far. who ever wins goes on to battle someone who has one that same amount of times again. each win the player gets 50 coins. after 3 wins. he or she will go into the pro's section where they will face off 3 other pros the next time he/she enters.

this continues until there are only 3 players who cant be beaten. they then go into separate battles with each other until there is third second and third places. a player can pay another 200 coins to re enter the competition. it is held once a month and lasts for a week.

what do you think of that idea.

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Well, I want it to be fair, but I do like the idea of deathmatch. However, that would be less organized... But I'll think about it...

Nice idea! i enter :P

but when a tournament 3v3? :3

So... Rez... Will this happen?

So teams of 4? 8 teams, 32 players... If you are interested, make a Discord account and join through this link: https://discord.gg/gRpECPd. Hopefully this will happen.

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