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Do players actually care about long term bones rank (ruins)?

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by ECOLIZED1 7 years ago 27

I have added it so casual players can have something to grind - it's totally unrewarding for me as it only requires persistence but I don't really have a good understanding of casual player needs - so the question is does the long term bone rank does its job?

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Not Really,

Honestly I preferred the old scoring system where it was point based bones are basically the same as coins, it's all just one big grind.

to be honest not really


Well personally, I think that players should be rewarded for good accomplishments like 5 killings to the government or 30 kills together. Just ordinary achievements that work better than the usual collection of bones for which there is nothing anyway.

For a result on pvp for example is fame, and bones do not give it. Also people are greedy and more hunt for the king because they want to get bones. With the old scoring system i did not see it because the players focused on getting the result rather than picking up bones.

But i wan't see what others think about it.

Maybe something you can do is put the ranked leaderboard in front when you click the leaderboard button. That adds more prestige to the game that actually requires skill.

I care about long term bone ranks.

how about this @rezoner what if we have seasons and at the end of each seasons bones are reset this way different people can be up there and it would spice things up

Under review

How long should the season go? I am not sure if grinders are ok with loosing their bones and start over. I already plan that for Arena tho you will get rewarded with coins for your place each month

Pleas do not do this with arena. At a certain point, It is no longer grinding in arena and takes real skill to move up ranks, and to lose those ranks will be a bit too harsh.

I think otherwise, since the skill will still show itself with high or low arena scores.

I think it will be better with bones, like Poke Hano says.


Rezoner, if you're planning that for Arena, I think the Arena scores should be reset at the start of each month.

  • This will make more people play Arena, because people will then have a better chance to win, as the scores are reset. Additionally, people would want the Gold Rewards at the end of each month, right?
  • And since I'm already at the top, I (and the other top players) can just chill and receive gold each month, if the scores don't reset, which is unfair.

It takes a while before you can find a 3v3 or 1v1 match, but I think it would be easier to find Arena matches if you do this.

Vykrad, just think outside the box.

  • First point I totally agree with you (about the gold).
  • However with second one I will definitely disagree. I think the skill is more important that the place (even though with a good skill you will still end up in the top), just imagine the beginning of the month, everybody will be willing to fight in Arena, maybe without any queue at all, lots of fun and enjoyment. Of course the willingness to be the first, will drive the competition (maybe you will even become first), which is all for the benefit of community and the game (also the people who are not active will lose their place at the top, which i still think is for benefit of many).

Just think about it)

I think you misunderstood me, Ecolized. With my second point I only meant that it would be unfair to give gold rewards to the top arena players while NOT resetting the leaderboards. Since it takes a while to find a 3v3 match, we would receive prices every month just by doing nothing. That was the only thing my second point was about.

Probably I did)

Every 3 months? For grinders its needed as they would need to try again find new ways a fresh start. Ie they wouldnt just kill someone with sword over again like they did last season or idk

Really, a great thought. Totally for it.)

Although it is will again boost competition, and willingness to play in Arena.


Actually no, but is gratifying see your name in top score :3



I can't send you a private message via userecho, so:
Hi, I'm Marez, you might recognize my name... can we just agree to both get 2000 points in CTF and not go any further? xddd
This constant race between us two is getting boring and noone else is getting anywhere close to top.
DM me at twitter if you need to do so - @marez.

(This also shows an imporant flaw of never-resetting highscores in ctf/bones/arena: it turned into grinding competition between the top players only, because no sane human being would see a score of 40k bones or 2k flags and think "oh yeah, I'm gonna beat that, this is gonna be fun and not boring at all".)

Haha i do that for fun bro, i think no is necessary a competition,

if i do 2000 flags is because i want, and i'll did more in a future xP

but if you do more it's ok.

haha, ok <3

I just played without bothering about bones.

All bones should be reset every month for balance purposes.


If you did reset, new players would have a chance t be at the top. If the top player has 30k bones, newer players have to gain 30k before they can even beat them - even if they're better than the higher player. If the bone count reset, newer players would have a chance and older players would have to constantly challenge themselves.

true. at the moment its not about your skill but how long you have played for.

I came up with an interesting idea how to use bones in a better way. Maybe in game occasionally do an event in which players could collect bones and at the end they would be rewarded with gold.

The event would last a week and every 5 bones counted as one coin. In general, I think in the wilds should be events that are interesting to spice up the game.


The actual system is only a "farm of bones".... none cares it.

I would reward like achievements or "levels according to that achievements"

- Double-triple-quad kills- Total anhilation... instead of killing a dying player.

- Revenges

- Time alive

That could give you achievements which give you points which increase your "levels".