Players from other countries be playing in the us server, mad annoying

Paradoc 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 6

They always spam the chat with non-english related stuff

i say that there should be a seperate server for them

Or have the chat bot mute them.

Rezoner can not add servers from all countries or a certain amount ... and I do not think I should have a chat bot to mutate people since it has the mutation system if they spam


Oh.... I didn't know Trump was playing here!

"they are talking with non-english related stuff"??????????? You just should be banned for that racist comment. Are you kidding me? Anyone can play in any server.

It's not a US server, it's an American server, which means both North America and South America. BUT that doesn't mean that others aren't allowed to speak their languages there.

For you this is spam, but for others this can be Interesting conversation. You can always close chat in game in settings.

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