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Throwing Rocks (Version Two)

J4sh1n 7 years ago updated by you 7 years ago 55

I think throwing rocks should be implemented but not big rocks like boulders, more like fist sized rocks that come from a pile and do 1 damage and the piles have a certain amount of rocks. Once they run out they regenerate at a rate of 1 rock per minute for a max of 5 rocks. Example:


hm good idea if only after you throw away your weapon.


Rocks can be picked up, like Doge said, only if you throw your weapon first

i like that idea hope Rez likes it would be cool to have ingame

They will not be as fast as knives, more like half the speed. They will also be thrown like knives, but won't fly forever.


Rezoner unfortunately declined throwing rocks, but that was 3 months ago.

Ik that, but this is a different version of rocks, that's why it says (Version Two) in the title

same idea tho

Not really because Rezoner's idea was more of a boulder type of rock that moves slowly

I'm sorry for bumping this, but I feel that rocks should replace knives. It just fits better. Shurikens could also be another idea but a whole different post.

totally relatable for bumping. did u see my grab post?

Under review

Goregous graphics. I will be implementing digging for rocks and this may come in handy


REZONER ITS FOUND OFF OF THE Internet. Sorry for yelling but its important they can sue you or whatever. Edit: I have a few re textures of rocks that im gonna use for a concept 1v1 map you wanna see @rezoner?

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idk? idk how this law stuff works aswell hows wilds discord bot?

Also don't use my textures because I found them off the internet and you might get sued.

add a spade item in the shop. 1000 gold. max 5 stones each dealing 1 damage. the spade should be equip able by pressing (z) if you have brought the spade.  when you do so you start playing an animation of digging with the spade. the spade is not an actual equip able item that you can attack with.

you could also get stones from putting explosives beside large rocks. but that takes time and you only get 2 rocks.

add a new weapon. the spade, that would be funny. it digs up rocks.

Wow,why won't he add slingshot then,which shoots those rocks,but cheaper than any other weapon.Just joking.

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How about kicking those rocks too?

They can't be kicked, but can be blocked

idk maybe you would break your leg trying?

some rocks look nice and also like spoilers for new maps like ice and... IS THAT GOLD???


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There could just be piles of rocks lying around, and when you hit them, the throwing rock items will pop out. With every rock that is taken, the pile would get smaller. Kind of like trees, but rocks instead of stamina/health orbs.

That sounds good, but it doesn't make sense to be hitting a pile of rocks with a weapon because it's going to scratch, dent, break. I was thinking more along the lines of the player grabbing a rock out of a pile but the animations might be too much work.


Better idea in my opinion is make one bigger stone sprite, and for get rocks you must use explosives. With ability to stack them, from big rock should drop few small stones and player can collect them. Also amount of loot should be random but not too much. 2-5 stones is enough in my opinion.

This works like a item shop but Instead of trading you can use only explosives and you must put/throw it close to rock.

Thank you

Rocks would do same damage as knife and can be kicked. They would come from piles and you would have to use explosives like Egzekutor said.

rocks are going to be added.


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Blue ones can be added to the winter map true Seal?

Off course,though the texture should be changed and shape more chunky,if ya' know what I'm saying,also color will not be that obvious,maybe with mix of light blue and white.

Ok, thanks for the answer.

If Rez agree it will be added in winter map.