Runners-Rats (What do you think about them?)

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What is your oppinion about that kind of players??

Right now, there are too much runners who dont want to fight, but only run around the map collecting bones in the floor or stealing. Also, when you try to catch them, if you are lucky, ok, if the runner is an experimented runner.... pray.

Also, Is there any deccision about bones, scoreboard, etc.?

I think if we remove the actual nosense bones scoreboard ingame we will reduce this kind of player who doesnt contribute to the game.

I personally think its impossible to just be a normal guy with 100+ bones and fight normally...If you dont run sometimes you will be sorounded by more nombered opponenets...


he talk about people who only run and never fight

Than they dont matter ...they will be killed in one or another way...if they get more bones they will be hunted ...

Well, I was talking also about people with 20.. 30.... or any amount of bones.

You answer is the key, you cannot play normally because you don't want to lose your bones (collected by fighting or running like a rat, whatever). In fact, you can see more people worried about bones than gold.... and the only reason is because people want to be on the top of the list..... and right now you can do it killing or stealing.


They are ПИДОРЫ

Просто пидорасы лютые.


They are definitely annoying, but you should take is as a compliment if they run away from you, because it means that you are more likely to defeat them = you are better than them xD Running away is the smartest thing to do if you don't stand a chance against an opponent.

Totaly i agree with it. In most situations when someone run away it's mean he know he not have much chances.

Ok, I see..... but I want to kiss them!!! :_(


From me almost all run, and then I dial 100 bones, then there is a hunt from several people, and I have to be constantly on the move, but even then, I do not run away if there is a chance of a normal 1-on-1 battle.Very often these cowards run away from me, and because of this, only a few more enemies are gaining themselves on the tail.

Well rezak...not everyone can do it...youre one of the best players in game...

So everyone knows you and everyone runs away😂


Yeah it is kinda annoying, but it is a tactical retreat.


Archers are also kinda annoying. every time they do this, you get so fustrated that you pray for every chance to kill them.


People who constantly run are cowardly little shits and should be ashamed of themselves.

unless they're being chased by hordes

neko chan xD always do that

but It's not the only one.

what about... if you lose bones every 3 sec? when you have 20 bones...

if you don't fight.
in that case the runners don't will have the interest of collect 100 bones.
maybe, i don't know if that works