Inappropriate Names/Tribes - A Community Issue?

Vigilante Gaming 7 years ago updated by Vykrad 7 years ago 5

Topic of Interest: As time goes on, the more names (both of players and tribes) I see that are highly inappropriate. Some of which are harming the community in a way that are causing in-game chat quarrels, grudges, hatred, etc. This is again all caused by a person with a highly offensive name/tribe that thinks little of others feelings. It hasn't been a large issue until every second or third lobby you would join had a highly offensive name or tribe. I personally don't believe it is good for the community to have these types of names in the game.

Possible Solution: Is there any way that annual name checks occur or filters are made to prevent inappropriate names/tribes from being made? Having a list of words that are deemed unacceptable for name use could be a possible option and those phrases would be used in a name filter preventing people from using those words while creating a tribe or username. Regardless, I think it is a shame that people resort to those types of names just to anger people.

All constructive feedback and likes are appreciated!

I wouldn't say annually would be a good idea (Im sure you didn't mean that) but instead of a periodic name check, wouldn't a whitelist run-through when the username/tribe is created be a better idea?

Ok saii good idea. But it isnt top priority tbh newer players wont find the N word tribes or people named whatever first time they are playing SO it isnt that important atm. But yes it is indeed a problem which i have posted about in the past. Edit Like


Letting it get worse as time goes on as the game becomes more popular is not a smart way of looking at it. It is better to take care of it before it becomes a larger issue than it already is.

I agree with this. An additional possible solution can be that certain trustworthy players can be moderators for this, so when they see a name or a tribe that's inappropriate, they just tell the player/tribe to change name. Also, it could be neat if the player/tribe didn't have the ability to change names for 30 days or something (after the inappropriate name has been changed to something else), if they don't listen to the moderators. Just a thought!