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Marcus Gong 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 38

Youtube video


The chickens are gone and the fps sucks, but it's kool


Same thing except the name

Did yknow that chickens are still here. It's just very rare. I did the chicken part not too long ago. Also the fps sucks because of your computer. I watched this on other computers and it was great!

Uhh no the fps sucks in game. Use the 60 fps setting


TO be honest i have its not really for wilds. The video has flaws etc. its good for publicity but not for something new comers would see


I can say one thing ... you're not a particularly good player.

What does me being good have anything to do with the video?


Using names like Hilter and Trump....fuck off man!


very true gives negative publicity

What's wrong with it?

I mean I don't think the name matters too much.

Plus I can't change my name otherwise, i would be forced to change my name permanently


Change your name then

Also I think it would be wonderful if Rezoner could check this out and reply.

I'm also going to be making a tutorial video.



This is a unpopular computer game. I don't see why people would want to see a advertisement like this. We have League of Legends dominating computers already.


lol is not dominating. you have mass effect, overwatch, paragon, and many others

Mass Effect: Andromeda isn't really dominating - it's fact, this is new Mass Effect, with beautiful graphics and nice story, but this game sometimes makes me think I'm playing BETA version...


boi. dont waste your energy on work thats not going to be acknowledgment positively. many flaws, there are.


What is bad in this video:

• When I watch this, I saw "Open Chests" twice. Of course, opening treasure chest was showed twice in this video..

• Donald J. Trump? Adolf Hitler? What you have with brain to name yourself as them and create a video!?

• Chickens doesn't exist now in game, so your video is some outdated.

• You forgot in this video about other weapons (You show only hammer, bow and wand. Seriously.).

• Any pushing into spikes? Any sandworm attack...?

• Any destroying boxes?

• Only Ruins. No CTF, no soccer, no arena 1v1 & 3v3.

• Army? Where's the army? I saw only two of your clones, and this is army? Do you anytime saw 16 people who was chasing someone? This is army, not a little corps, like your clones who lost the fight (I'm not surprised).

• Bad music.

• You wrote about creating army TWICE in this video.

• Do you show working of other items, not only bomb working?

• What the hell is this on end of video!?

I couod count more but..this is just...disgracefull

And yeah only those weapons bc he doesnt have more

That is kind of true since there are way too many weapons. Just can't show the claws

OK Ukryty, I will create another video then. I will also fix some bugs. Change my name. I will be showing all weapons. I will be using all items. I will be showing all modes. Chickens are staying since it's still possible to get them. I will be showings spikes an worm attack. I will be fixing bugs on this and the music will stay. Any other changes you guy's suggest?


change the font and font colour

Music is the worst actually. You don't need some dark fantasy epic shit, just throw in something funny.

no, we dont need an ad. this is just an io game dont waste ur time


Well it's still good.


I think it's great that you tried! The trailer isn't as professional as an official trailer should be like, but your video can still help getting a few more players to play the game.

We need more players like you, Marcus Gong, who are actually trying to help the game grow!


Thanks. Just trying to help.


CLONE ABUSE? That is what you want to show first of all? I need to throw up.


It's not clone abuse, it's called attracting attention.

I spit on you and all players who destroy the playability with that "attracting attention".

what about the football?

I'm making a second trailer with football in it, and other types of modes.


Extremely bad music choice. I'd put something like that instead:

OK I will take a look at adding this new song.