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We should have guilds so that way if you want to play with a friend you will be able to or you want to start a team for instance, Im in a Group called v aka Vigilantes and We play on the map Dessert but we want our own team for it so only us and then you could add like a Guild vs Guild type of thing.


What makes you so interested in our guild, Devil'sAngel? I have never met you before, nor have I ever seen you.


Not that, it's just that our guild has had some issues of betrayal and being cautious of this is a mindset that is needed to protect a guild from failure and deception.

who are the vigilantes?


The Vigilantes are one of the last remaining guilds of Wilds.io with over 15 members.

i heard about a clan that disbanded long ago it was called soulshifters do you know them?

Yes, some members of the wall/soul shifters are apart of the The Vigilantes.

Yes, it was called the Wallshifters, and we basically dissolved due to too many members and not good enough management of the guild.
Some of us are part of the Vigilantes now.
The confusion with the "Soulshifters" is due to one of the members being nicknamed a "soulshifter".


Apologies about the questioning, our clan is very cautious with frauds and what not.


caution that shit out m8.

Don't want any bad people in the clan now do we?

OK SERIOULSY THEY DID NOT DISBAND "long ago" Seriously only in november around there...

uraniumBitch, when your ready to act mature and take this to a Discord chat instead of blocking us. Then we will talk, until then - go hang yourself with v5.

i heard v5 is spambot is that true