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Who else loves the addition of Desert Deathmatch?

Sir Brutal 7 years ago updated by Vigilante Gaming 7 years ago 9

It was a really good idea!!!

Under review

Relax all vs all mode will be back after some tweaks :)


lol yeah looks like the Vigilantes need to find a new home. Too bad destroying their natural habitat won't kill off those fuckers, they'll find somewhere else to be little shits.


I'm not part of the Vigilantes, lol.

what happened? Why are the vigilantes bad now


wait for one of them to come see this and bee like "OH NO gotta post a discord announcement code red search all servers for signs of oppositions, because when we find them we can totally do something about it!!!111!!1111!


By the way, I posted this thread before they released CTF.

If the desert is to survive, it needs a strong whiff of freshness. Always more liked this mode, but since there are ruins, now a few people staying in the desert.


You need to chill the f*ck off, you betrayed us uraniumBitch. Quit being on your period, some day you'll go far.. and I hope you stay there. We can manage without Desert.