New CTF map abuse report: with screenshots

achillesRising (aR) 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 6

Image 188So It came to my attention while playing CTF that you could easily jump across the gap in the bottom-left corner of brown flagroom, you can also dash-jump across the up near the center left room. People were using this to get the flag across safely, namely RaQ and his cronies. Plz fix.

Image 186Image 187


I'm pretty sure that it's supposed to be like that!

This is only a beta

Lol the tide has changed. Uranium i think Rezoner would've noticed something like that also theres a GATE to get there.


To be honest, it is suppose to be like that. Pinpoint naming people is first, very rude, and secondly useless. There is no banning system. So, lay off on your menstrual cycle and relax for a bit.

whoah who's this? i'm guessing it's the big man himself. You should really be proud. I was all set up to be done with this shit, and you came in with your condescension and passive-aggression and generally being a little bitch and fuck it all up. You kept saying "you started this mess" and "I don't want a conflict" and shit like that, but we both know that's bullshit because v2 did his work, he built a treaty, he did a good job diffusing the situation, but you felt you needed to have the last laugh and so you came in with the "now don't you start anything again child mmkay? because you underestimate me and i'm really better than you" and you fucking tore down what v2 did. Fucking congradulations.

And what's this? he said it was a bug, and he made sure it wasn't in the new SYMMETRICAL map? so, in short, both of my suggestions that you dismissed because of a PERSONAL VENDETTA were approved? I think I can taste the salt from here.