Projectile Ricochet

Sir Brutal 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 6

When a projectile such as and arrow, axe, ect, hits a wall have is so that it bounces off.

Here is a drawing I did in MS Paint. lol

Image 205


+1 for the fabulous artwork.

It might also be amusing to have the kinetic energy of the projectile increase when it hits a wall. lol

The concept is good, but I can already sense bugs of infinite ricochet and other issues. People would remain out of combat, and it's already bad enough that people don't get into combat in the arena. Rolling and kicking seems to suffice to some players, adding ricocheting objects would be a risky move.

There's an easy solution to infinite rebounds, and that is the projectile could break after 3 to 10 rebounds.

Another option is:

  • Adding more wood objects, such as smashable wooden walls, doors, more barrels, etc.
  • If the maps isn't completely walled in such as in Ruins the projectile would be able to exit.