Arena Queues - A Problem?

Vigilante Gaming 8 years ago updated by Sir Brutal 8 years ago 5

Topic of Interest: Arena queued members being put into Ruin games causing a large amount of IP connections causing server lag and poor connections.

Possible Solution: There are numerous solutions to the issue. First being crammed in a ruins game is (in my opinion) is a poor waste of time. People need to learn to be patient in a queue, not every second in the game must be in action. If the developer still insists on having action while waiting in a queue, place queued members in unpopular desert servers. This is done to keep interest in all game modes. Ever since arena and soccer have released, the amount of people on the old servers have drastically dropped. The usual amount of people in an average desert lobby is around 2-3 registered members and 1-2 guests. This prevents one server becoming very populated to the point where your frames per second drop faster than the babysitter's boyfriend when the car pulls up. Another option is putting queued players in training to warm up before an arena fight. This would drastically change the overall popularity of game modes, but still keeping what the people want. In this case, being the arena/soccer game modes.

yep it looks gud

Or maybe just have the option of going into a game or not (whether it be desert or ruins).


This indeed is another possibility, or even have all four options:

- Wait

- Desert

- Ruins

- Train

gud gud gud gud

Yes, when I do fight in the arena I sometimes want to take a break between rounds. Otherwise my fingers get too sweaty and cramp up.