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Guild have not been made, but guilds like The Vigilantes have already started.

May be adding too much work for Rezoner, but these weapon ideas should be kept in mind later on in the further development of the game.

Fantastic post, you have my full support - these should be fixed as soon as possible.

He is correct (v2) - it is a bug in the games code that makes players appear invisible.

Don't forget to check, "If you are teamed - you have no choice to die."

No description to topics, pointless post.

You are saying how you help the game, when you are threatening players that "if you teamed - you have no choice to die." How is that helpful, that's it - it's not. You are acting like you have precious time, if your time was so precious then why post on this topic?

Poke Hano, in due respect - I thought you were a decent forum poster. But being a hypocrite is no "humorous" matter. You say my posts are "a waste of Rezoner's time," but this is coming from the person making forum posts named..

So in short, please mind your manners - and don't be a hypocrite.

This is a forum for helpful commentary, not slurs on another persons "faults."