Assassin Class idea!

Dziewczynka 8 years ago updated 6 years ago 5

Assassin Class would be better idea than ninja, because of the visuals, you know, it's much easier to make character with similar looks, a character with a hood and a cape or something.
He could be a fast moving character with 50/75% of hp of the default soldier from the actual version of the game. Also, he could hold 2 or 3 daggers instead of 1.

I'm sorry, I forgot about thing and I can't see the edit option: the stealth skill: dissappearing for 3 seconds while moving or 10 while standing still. I hope you get what I'm thinking of.

Best idea I've ever seen. But HP shouldn't be too low because the game is already hard and you need reflexes. Fast moving speed but %50/75 health would be good you say, right?

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Why? It's a good idea, it shouldn't be left dead.