Faking death

Dziewczynka 6 years ago updated by Shiru,Kurai ite 6 years ago 11

Fake death could be a nice addition. People would press a button to change their state to "death" to trick others into lowering their wariness, giving an ambush option in some situations. Of course they could get killed by an attack. This "state" should be able for 10-20s max, so people wouldn't abuse it.

Undead spirit haunting  players and traumatazing noobs,I like it.

...The meta tho.

Throwing grenades at supposedly people or corpses...

Or rope-bombs at people or corpses....

Or mass mirage-projectile aimed at people or corpses.....

Hm, like slay.one, sure.

However, if someone hit a faker, (faker so legit xD) would the dead body move?

this would change the game, no doubt.

but in my eyes a little bit OP .

maybe it needs some work..

but i like the idea.

I like traps +1


Sorry, changed my mind. The "corpse" shouldn't be taking any damage - at least for some time.


Dude if you use ketchup for blood in real life and lie on ground, if someone hits you with weapon, won't you get hurted?

Well, we gonna make logic realistic but u ruined by saying this :)

newbies be like:omg so many haxors leavin dis gaem so this isnt a good thing

It can be nick for hacker,attachment to razor or magnifier for ass-kickage,as I read it correctly.