Problems with the new map

achillesRising (aR) 7 years ago updated by Bigness 7 years ago 4


I tried out the newest Ruins map and it's great, I love the size, new artwork, etc. But there are a few problems that should be addressed.

Walls: All walls that are touching a fissure are completely permeable and may as well not be there. You can jump right through them, and you can jump out of the map, too.

Furniture: The tables, benches, chairs, etc. All have the problem of being really hard to see whilst having jagged collision boxes to get stuck on. These furniture bits really should be removed or smoothed out, because they pose a problem in combat.

Spawnroom placement: THe problem with having the spawnrooms where they are is that 90% of the fighting takes place in the big center room (right below the treasure room) and it's a total bloodbath there, but the rest of the map is almost completely empty. I'm not sure how to fix this, but it's a shame that we can't experience combat in any other place.

Note: Love the new yetis, they really pack a punch now.

Ok, but you know that's a new, fresh map and bugs are expected. Problem with the spawnroom is not a big deal. Map should be focused at fight becouse game is about this (Beating other players, not walking around and doing nothing).

Point 2 makes no sense I HAVENT HAD A SINGLE problem with furniture. Really? FURNITURE.

What he means is that if you get knocked into certain things in the map, you can get killed from the impact damage even if you have full health.

Rezoner, I think you could add a map selection option. You could include the old Ruins map, the old Desert map, the first CTF map, etc.