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CTF - Post your comments about this new mode.

Rezoner1337 8 years ago updated by Khargok Saitama 7 years ago 53

Ahoy there. It's a bit fresh so the community feedback is very much welcome. Do you like this mode? What would you change or add?

Just see my other posts about asymmetrical map and dash-jump exploit.

Under review

Ain't both things already fixed?

Yeah, didn't try it then, just did, the new map seems awesome.

Also love the new emotes.


I have an idea for this mode. Not stupid would set a time limit like in football, and add a limit of stolen flags. Twenty minutes and ten flags, provides sufficient length for one game. Everything, of course, can be changed, the time and the number of flags. This is just an idea for which I got today playing in this mode.

Another map? let's hope it's good...

Yeah I like the new(new) map, It feels good to play. I can't really tell until more people get on though

I like it, essentially how it looks.


... Found One...


Sadly, the sword thing doesn't actually do anything...


Add team score.

Also add a Wolf to the game.

Have something like if your team scores either a wolf or a bear spawns. or something cool like that.

Which, of course, means this...

May i know which weak point of the map you exploit? otherwise i can't fix it


That corner right there


In map is 2 corners with that transition. Second is there:

Don't fix it, just make the map smaller!!! Please!!!

I like going outside of the map, but not running for two minutes to hunt someone down. lol. Make it about a quarter the size it currently is

Ey look, it's me!


How many pounds per square ass do you pound?

They have both flags, so noone can play ctf. Its a long walk to the corner btw. Several minutes of sprint-jumping.


In map is one more thing that is hard to dodge, because it's hard to see. I mean this two columns:

Correct the mistake


There's a hole in the floor that you can't see.

Also I'm not a big fan of the dark background with the smiley faces. I liked when you could go outside the main walled compound, but not by using glitches. When you had the holes in the walls, that was really cool, and I liked that. Just make the map outside the walls smaller.



Fixing the holes. As for the outside world - sorry but too many players have been jerks - taking the flag outside and ruining the game for everyone. We are loosing players that way as they enter CTF and there is no flag anywhere around.


Here's another hole:

There are also a few others, in less ventured locations.


I agree there should be some sort of limit to the amount of flags that the team should be able to capture. And the game shouldn't just end after the limit is reached. I like a amount of satisfaction after doing something so I think the game should indicate who wins. My final idea would be teams like with soccer. If any of these ideas are added I would really appreciate it.


Flag Magicly Spawns outside of the arena ;)

Hint: Barrel can push you through walls.


The traps to the soil foolish they kill us and have little to avoid them ... You could put them as the door? They open and they close?

they should make it so you can dash over them without getting hit.


I think the map size is fine. Please just zoom the camera out a bit, it's really hard to fight.

Just zoom out the camera to the pre-ctf version.

Just go to settings on your browser and zoom out. lol


You can zoom out in like entire page in browser for instanse in Google Chrome zzom in and out by using CTRL and + or CTRL and -


Rezoner there are too many bots! If you're going to have like 5 bots per team, at least make them good enough to path across routes instead of all walking into a wall!


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Are you polish i know this game is creater by somone polish i even polish i relly imprest on this game!

what is that thing with sword in box?


I really like this game mode, however, I feel like there should be more to it. Therefore, I have come up with a couple ideas for this game mode.

- Every x minutes, a number of goblins and one behemoth (the big monster guy) spawn from your base, and their objective is to attack nearby enemies / defend their team's flag. Say if I'm on the gray team, then the monsters spawning at my base are friendly towards me, and the monsters spawning in the brown base are unfriendly towards me.

- Traps that players can activate to prevent enemies from escaping / reaching our base. If I activate a trap, then it shouldn't affect my teammates, only players on the opposite team. There should be a timer after the traps have been used, though; like 30 seconds - 1 minute or something.

Just something to spice up CTF!


i saw some grass and some green trees but only in a tiny area. perhaps the map could include more of this? how about you make a new game mode with a large world. the worlds edge would fall off the screen. there could be oceans islands different terrain's and mini civilizations.

how about 2 large islands with a city for each team on it. the city would have an arena for practice battling. you could battle actual other players in it monsters and non player characters. this could replace training, 1 vs 1 battles and you wouldn't have to make a separate monster battling mode.

the city's would also include a harbor where you can buy ships, recruit men and be recruited as a sailor. it would also include a shop where you can buy armor, a shop for buying potions and scrolls and a shop for buying weapons. this would mean you wouldn't have to have a separate place for buying skins.

when you start you would appear in the city center and could travel around the island. you could swim in water but at half speed and you would have a swimming bar which makes you drown when it runs out. more small islands could be added around the place each would have a different terrain. the main islands would have a desert with a town containing shops which sell different weapons. a snowy area up in the mountains with a Nordic town. a jungle with a cannibal town which could sell skins like the shamans mask or staff. a forest with friendly elves in it and a town in the trees. and some open plains with a town selling horses. there could be different terrains for each team or they could be the same. each terrain would have its own monsters on it.

monsters could include. krakens, werewolves, sharks, elves, orcs, bears, boar, giants, giant rats, ogres, trolls, tigers, cannibals, dragons, dwarfs, yeti and wolves. these are just some possibilitys.


I would like to be able to login using Google. As I use google for most logins it has become highly convenient. Also on Ranked I would like there to be a button at the end saying Again or Retry just so you dont have to go to the main menu click again.

I would also like to log in using Google


Loving the new mode. It might be nice to see some more fanfare when a team scores. Maybe some kind of visual text animation on screen, or maybe a full round reset where all players respawn ?

A free world, more skills, bosses (mythological creatures of the game role (Vikings or Greeks look alike)), being able to have a house or territory and share it and do things with other players



There, where Shou is, i can go only by dash, i can't go there by normal walk.

EVERY DAYS,this happens to me,helps

game dev plz read my post "some insight" it has a lot of ideas and such also what art engine do you use as a kid i spend my time at school then bored at home im also starting coding classes and would like to design some prototypes my work would be free (except maybe some in game stuff) and would only take money if thats what you want please give me the link


want what? the art engeine