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Ads being generated after death

PLS PEACE 6 years ago updated by UgandianWarrior 6 years ago 6

It must be a new update or something but about every three times I die, a video ad pops up and the reason that it is a problem is because one of the main reasons i play this game was that it had to adds while you play the game. Now I know, I know Rez and the programmers have to make some money at some point, but then why don't they put some more next to the death screen( which they have 1) and at the home page ( which also has 1). 

The thing entered before I was done, wtc.

Anyway, i get ads that first, literally scar me for life (the first one was 'my little pony') and something that is actually good (like the soundcould thing that I normally get in the home screen) if it is necessary to watch the video. Also, like on YouTube and some other io games, let it be able to be skipped after about 3-5 seconds or just make them shorter.

Also not for the actual game just 4 conversation, I never get the thing that is advertised anyway cus all of them are just sad,  like for me, (not trying to be sexist) but I don't get my little pony, expectantly since the ad that I saw was so spastic, that it started my signs of an ocular migraine.

Sexist?  Does a viewer have to be a specific gender to watch My Little Pony?  Anyway, video ad > image ad in terms of capital.  Give him a little break, we know he's not proud of it.  If he put it up, he has a valid reason.

well ads are being displayed depending on your last website visit and what you searched...

Here's friendly reminder, folks. When you are on any website Rezoner has made, please, turn off the adblocker. It fuels future updates.

Under review

Well there is something for something. I agreed to run video ads - but we have received tons of  players.