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Wow, you do have a huge amount to posts with negative scores. Either due to poor quality or raided, there were too many for me to look at all of them. lol


actually it used to be "Good job!"

Just to clarify, I'm not saying that you can tie the entire match, sense I've never had a game where both players have died in the same round, more then once. but I have had a LOT of games where we both kill each other in one of the rounds. If by some bizarre chance you did tie in all three rounds there would need to be a bonus round.

It's not nice when it's your opponent that gets the point.

That sucks, hopefully Rezoner will be able to help.

Wait did you get banned for sharing the game on facebook?

I agree, any Discord drama should be kept off of userecho. This is just a game, and in the end we're all here to have a good time.

But even if you play a lot and have a lot of bones, you still might not be a very skilled fighter. 1v1 in arena takes a LOT more skill then killing people in the other maps

Yeah, sometimes the game does lag for me, but only intermittently. 

Other things that could effect your game: It might be the internet you're using. There's also a thing you can toggle in Settings for fps. If you have a lot of tabs open maybe close a few. Also make sure you're using the server for the region you're in. for example North America.