Arena: Tie Rounds

Sir Brutal 3 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 3 years ago 12

It used to be that when you both killed each other in the Arena, you would both get a point. Now only one person gets a point, even if you kill each other at almost exactly the same time. 

I've not witnessed something like this but it sounds nice

It's not nice when it's your opponent that gets the point.

This is good idea, and i agree. This is fair for both players. but maybe when both players not won or lose any points also is fair.

This is very true, I agree with this claim.

Just to clarify, I'm not saying that you can tie the entire match, sense I've never had a game where both players have died in the same round, more then once. but I have had a LOT of games where we both kill each other in one of the rounds. If by some bizarre chance you did tie in all three rounds there would need to be a bonus round.

Two times now I've had matches with at least one round that resulted in a tie and it always seems to be my opponent getting the point, I'm curious if anyone knows how it's determined who the winner is in a tie?

That bump.

Well anyways I think it matters on whether it's a which-hit-first and what the computer can handle, which is probably first movement wins (so first roll against another wins). Dunno. It might even be rng based or just random.

Yea,it's weird.It sucks to lose all invested money and points.

And there's the quote for my ears.