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It's not down-votes that are necessarily bad, it's people who are down-voting legitimate Bug reports. 

It doesn't "make you feel like god", you are God!

He's basically the creator and God of the entire universe!

Even if it was only for 10 to 30 seconds of old text. Sometimes someone says something to me, and I miss it because I'm fighting or something, or they type a long sentence and can't read it fast enough.

On the other hand it's supper annoying/distracting if your page starts filling up with text. 

In one of Rezoner's old posts he had "Experimental", That might be better, at least if he plans to changes the map frequently. 

That's weird, because I always try to get on the weaker team so that I have more people to kill, especially if the king is on that team.

Rezoner is probably sleeping at the moment, so it probably wont get fixed till tomorrow.

I like that idea.

My screen is still black now after 2 hours, and other people in chat are also complaining.